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Glebe Primary Sunday/Monday January 2017



Red Team and Miss McNair

(Sasha, Emma Rankin, Eva, Alistair, Jack Meney, Alex, Nicole and Logan)


We began our journey across calm waters from Ardrossan to Brodick. There were no complaints as we were all pretty excited about our adventure ahead. Once settled into the centre, we climbed up to Dunn Fionn, it was very muddy. On the way back down we met some nosey cows, we thought they were going to follow us back to the centre.

In the evening, we tried orienteering in the dark. It was a bit scary!

We had supper in the evening before bed. Rowan’s mum made us some rocky road… It was so delicious!! Thank you Mrs Spence ūüôā


In the morning we went mountain  biking in and around Brodick. It was pretty cold but no one complained. Everybody managed to challenge themselves in some way.

The afternoon challenged us further as we tried some difficult orienteering around Brodick Castle.

The food is great and everyone is behaving well ūüôā even the teachers!!


Green Team and Miss Russell

(Robbie, Jack F, Bradley, Josh, Lucy, Rowan, Sophie, Lily and Emma W)


We arrived at the centre and collected all of our equipment and found out who we would be sharing our dorms with. After organising everything, we had lunch – we were all ready for it! Then it was a local walk, which was very muddy and some of us ended up with sore legs!

After dinner we tried some orienteering around the centre in the dark with head torches to help us see!

An enjoyable first day for us all.


In the morning we were orienteering in the grounds of Brodick castle, trying out both star and cross-country . In teams we tried to battle it out to see who could finish first ūüėä

We then tried out some mountain biking around Brodick and then returned for dinner. ¬†In the evening we had a presentation about COAST and then played some team building games in our groupsūüėĀ


Blue team and Miss Campbell

(Carmen, Natasha, Dawid, Louise, Morgan, Chloe, Kaitlyn and Gregor)


We began our adventure on the ferry where we faced our first challenge – braving the cold to venture round the boat for a bit of ‘sightseeing’.

After arriving at the centre, collecting our equipment and finding our dorms, we set off on a walk along the beach to Kings Cross. Whilst at the beach we had a stone skimming competition, created some beach art and attempted to fit all 8 children on the one rock. It was very tricky at first but when they started communicating and helping each other, the children achieved their goal.. twice!!  Also at the beach, Chloe found the remains of a sea urchin and Louise found the shell of what appeared to be a giant sea snail!

In the evening, we also tried orienteering. It was fun but slightly spooky in the dark!


Today our group was split in two. Natasha, Dawid, Gregor and Morgan joined the Red group. We started off with some mountain biking around Brodick and then orienteering after lunch.

Carmen, Louise, Chloe and Kaitlyn joined the Green group, where they started off with orienteering and then took to the bikes after lunch to burn off the rest of their energy! I think there will be a few sore legs tomorrow!

Everyone enjoyed their day, which was topped off by some team building activities within the centre. We look forward to our group reuniting tomorrow!




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Hayocks Day 4

Red Team

Tiegan, Jade, Nathan, Greg and Koby – We were all really proud of ourselves for getting to the top of the climbing wall blindfolded.

Elysse – I got to the top of the wall only using one foot.

Brandon – I loved planting some rare trees. I have never done it before.

Ryan – I won the Hang Tough contest after the climbing wall and was really happy.

James C – I was proud to get to the top of the climbing wall

Cole – I lived getting my hands covered in mud when I was planting trees

Abijay – It was great fun swinging down from the top of the climbing wall.

Green Team

Brandon Mc, Charles, Alicia, Muhammad, Kyle W, Riley, Niamh, Taylor N, Taylor Y, Gglen – We all loved going down a huge hill on our mountain bikes.

Balazs and Dylan – We both loved orienteering around Brodick Castle.

Blue Team

Benjamin – I loved planting trees because I have never done it before.

Chelsea, Lucrietia, Kyle T, Khalid, Craig, Joey, Declan, Danni – We loved flying downhill on our bikes. We were going super fast.

James B – I liked doing the Star Event during the orienteering at Brodick Castle.

Victoria and Chloe – We loved playing at the playpark after mountain biking.


We are currently getting ready to show Arran how Hayocks party at the disco. We have all had a great week and are super excited. See you all tomorrow!


Mr Cree




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Hayocks Primary Day 2 and 3


Day 2

The Red group went on their day walk today to the Kings Caves at the far side of the island. We built our own fires, looked at drawings in the cave, toasted marshmallows and played games in the forest. We also climbed a huge hill which we all got to the top of.

Day 3

We went mountain biking and orienteering today. We cycled around Brodick on our bikes then did orienteering in the grounds of Brodick Castle in the afternoon. We had a great time doing both.

ABIJAY – I loved the mountain biking around Brodick. It was great fun.

TIEGAN, KOBY & GREG –¬†We enjoyed getting to the top of a 500ft hill in only 20 mins. We were really proud of ourselves.

ELYSSE & JADE – I loved orienteering around Brodick castle. We learned how to read a map properly.

JAMES C & RYAN – We thought it was awesome flying down the hill on our mountain bikes. We were hitting some serious top speeds.

COLE – I loved playing the camouflage game in the gardens at Brodick Castle. We had to try and make it back to the bags without being seen.

NATHAN – Absolutely loved visiting the King’s Caves as it was a really good adventure getting there and back.

BRANDON S – I am extremely proud of myself that I have learned how to ride a bike confidently. Raiyah and Mr Cree helped me and I did it in the end.


Day 2 – We were on the climbing wall in the morning where we learned how to climb using ropes and in the afternoon we did some tree planting and conservation work as part of our John Muir award.

Day 3 – We went a day walk to the King’s Cave where we got to explore some caves and light fires in them too.

TAYLOR Y, KYLE W, RILEY, MOHAMAD, ALICIA & CHARLEY – We were all really proud of ourselves for getting to the top of the climbing wall. We loved using the ropes and helping each other out.

TAYLOR N, NIAMH, GGLEN – We loved going to the King’s Cave as we had never been in a cave so it was cool.

BALAZS & BRANDON – We loved climbing to the top of a 500ft hill. It was hard work but we felt great when we got to the top.

DYLAN -I learned how to use a compass properly and used it well when we were using the maps on our walk.


Day 2 – We were on the climbing wall in the afternoon where we learned how to climb using ropes and in the morning we did some tree planting and conservation work as part of our John Muir award.

Day 3 – We went a day walk to the King’s Cave where we got to explore some caves and light fires in them too.

CRAIG, DECLAN, KYLE T, KHALID, CHELSEA, BENJAMIN¬† & JOEY – We all loved our walk to the King’s Caves. It was really good fun getting there and back and inside the caves were brilliant. We even got to go far into the cave¬† and it got smaller and smaller.

JAMES B – I loved doing stone stacking down on the beach. We had to find stones and balance them on top of each other. I was really pleased with my stone sculpture.

VICTORIA, LUCRIETIA, CHLOE & DANNI – We all loved the climbing wall and we all got higher than we thought we would.


Day 2 – We went on a night walk in the hills surrounding Lamlash tonight. We had head torches that helped us see and we listened to the sounds in the forest. Some of us found it a bit scary at first but others loved being out in the dark.

Day 3 – We are doing some night time orienteering around the centre grounds tonight. We are looking forward to it and think it is going to be fun.

All the kids having a great time, so no need to worry¬†and are¬†doing the school proud and are looking forward to the rest of their week. Apologies for no BLOG being posted last night as we were out on a night time walk so it wasn’t possible to post.

Thanks, see you all soon,

Mr Cree



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Hayocks Day 1 – Monday

We had a fun first day at the Arran Outdoor Centre. We got a tour of the centre, we got given our kit out and we went for an introductory walk along the shore. We also got a visit from Jenny from COAST to talk about the kinds of sealife that are found in Lamlash Bay. We can’t wait to see what we will get up to tomorrow.


Blue Group

Kyle T – I really enjoyed being the leader on our introductory walk this afternoon, it was great fun.

Danni – I really liked the view we had of the Holy Isle on our walk today, I would like to go over and visit it sometime.

Craig, Joey, Charley, Lucrietia, Khalid, Declan, Victoria, Chelsea, Benjamin and Chloe all loved finding different kinds of shells on the beach. We managed to build up quite a collection.

Red Group

Brandon S and Ryan – We both enjoyed going to see the war bunker. We found out what it was for and got to shoot Mr Cree.

Koby, Abijay and Ellyse – We enjoyed making rock paint by finding brown and red rocks, wetting them and then rubbing the paint on our faces.

Greg and James C – We enjoyed walking up the hill in the fresh air. We enjoyed sliding in the mud and getting messy.

Cole – We enjoyed learning about the marine life. It was interesting to learn new things.

Jade and Tiegan – We liked being near the ocean and listening to the different noises of the sea.

Nathan – I enjoyed falling into the cow poo. It was fun and it was relaxing hearing the mud squidge under my feet.

Green Group

Taylor Y – I learned how to tie a pair of walking boots properly. I didn’t need to stop once to retie them.

Charley, Alicia and Niamh – We enjoyed sitting on the rocks talking about the sealife and the no take zone in Lamlash Bay.

Mohamad, Kyle W, Brandon Mc and Gglen РWe loved walking in the mud and getting all our Arran kit we were given on.

Taylor N, Riley, Balazs and Dylan – We enjoyed seeing the wildlife and saw some birds called oyster catchers that had big, long beaks.



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Green Group – Day 3

Today we went mountain bike riding.  It was very wet but we had great fun.  After some warm soup back at the Centre we went a walk in the woods and visited the library which is a small cabin which has lots of books. It also has lots of drawings and messages displayed on the walls. It was really interesting.

Red Group – Day 3

Today we walked to King’s Cave. We looked all round the cave and looked at the pictures and writing on the walls which had been made by Vikings. We then went to another cave where we had lunch and made fires. We toasted marshmallows and they were delicious.

In the evening we all went a night time walk in the hills.  We wore head torches to begin with and after a while we had to switch them off. It was amazing how quickly our eyes adjusted to the darkness.  It was quite scary at first but we had great fun!

Green Group – Day 4

Today it was our turn to go ¬†to King’s Cave. ¬†It was quite a long walk through the woods and then down along the beach. We explored the cave and then went to the next cave and had our lunch then toasted ¬†marshmallows in the fire.

Red Group – Day 4

We went mountain biking and had great fun cycling through all the giant puddles.  In the afternoon we came back to the centre and went on the climbing wall.  It was quite scary for some of us!

At the moment the children are getting themselves ready for tonight’s disco amid great excitement. ¬†Mr Hughes and I are very proud of the children, they have been a credit to the school and we have received lots of compliments about their attitude and behaviour. ¬†Centre staff have said that they have been the cleanest and tidiest children that they have had all year. ¬†It has been a great week and I am sure the children will come home with lots of happy memories of their time here in Arran!

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Stanley Primary

Red Team – Day 2

Lori – We went a long walk today up to Glen Rosa and we planted trees.

Zoe – Today we did orienteering and even though I came last I still enjoyed it a lot.

Adam R – Today we went to Brodick Castle to do orienteering and then we went to Glen Rosa to plant some trees.

Leah – Today we went to Brodick Castle to do orienteering then we went tree hill panting at Glen Rosa. I’m having so much fun!

Adam T It was great fun today. We did orienteering and with that came a cross country race. Then we went a long walk through Glen Rosa and I think I’ve got blisters!

Dylan – So good today but the walk was so long.

Michael – It was fun today but the walk was massive.

Ben – Today I went orienteering at Brodick Castle xx

Harvey – To Sasha, we went to Brodick Castle and did orienteering and it was fun. I wish you the best birthday ever!

Kyle – We went to Brodick Castle and did orienteering and it was great fun. then we went to Glen Rosa and it was a long walk.

Kelvin  РToday we went on a walk and it was hard.

Green Group

Chelsea – We went hill walking and I enjoyed the castle.

McKenzi – We went a walk and also planted a tree.

Jessica – Today we split into our groups and did tree planting and orienteering.

Caitlyn – Today we went to Glen Rosa and planted trees. It was really good fun.

Ewan  РSo much walking but I saw a Robin.

Saoirse – Today was fun, we planted trees and did orienteering. My legs are tired but it was worth it.

Owen – Today we went tree planting. It took forever. My feet are so painful.

Craig – We went to Glen Rosa and I got terrible blisters.

Jayden – We went on a 3 mile walk but sadly hit my eye off a chair but I’m ok.

Jack – Today we went orienteering at Brodick Castle.

Kevin – Today we were walking for hours. It was very boring but we planted trees which was fun.

Fraser  РToday we went to Glen Rosa to plant trees and that took 3 hours then we went orienteering.



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