St Mark’s Primary


Group 3 – Blue Team

Leon, Bradley, John, Levi, Brandon, Olivia, Abbie, Katie, Demileigh, Chloe McG, Mrs Crozier and Miss Doyle.

We climbed a 160m high hill during our introductory coastal walk.  We were all quite excited being right up at the top! The view was amazing.  After that we came back and had a very tasty dinner. We had a talk from a member of the COAST team who was able to give us lots of interesting facts about marine wildlife. Later on we went rock pooling and found many big crabs and other examples of sealife. COAST stands for Community of Arran Seabed Trust.

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St Mark’s Primary

Group 2 – Red Group

Brendon, Nathan, Stuart, Owen, Aiden, Leyla, Rebecca, Vanessa, Chloe D, Kornelia, Ellie C and Mrs Fallon.

Stuart enjoyed holding a live crab!

Nathan enjoyed all of the beautiful views.

Brendon and Owen loved climbing on all the rocks.

Vanessa saw a huge starfish on our beach walk.

Rebecca, Leyla and Kornelia loved the smooth ferry crossing in the sunshine!

Aiden had a great time walking along the rocky beach.

Ellie and Chloe had great fun rock pooling and found interesting shells and creatures.

Mrs Fallon really enjoyed taking lots of great photos of everyone having a great first day on Arran.

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St Mark’s Group

Group 1 – Green Team

Thomas, Arran, Haydn, John Paul, Joseph, Courtney, Brogan, Georgia, Elle D, Tierney, Cara and Mrs McEvoy.

When we were on the ferry we were really excited about coming to Arran. Once we had our safety talk we had a long walk in the lovely sunshine up a hill 160m high.  Georgia kept falling and Tierney got blisters!  When we returned to base we unpacked our bags and enjoyed a lovely dinner.  After dinner we had a very informative talk delivered by Jenny from COAST. She talked about sealife and then we went rock pooling. We found giant shells and lots of crabs.  We’ve had a really fun first day!

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Hayocks Day 2 & 3

On Tuesday all of the children went a day walk. The red and blue groups went a walk to the KIng’s Caves and the green group went to Coire Fhionn Lochan. The walks were really interesting and we got to do lots of fun activities on them like lighting fires and toasting marshmallows. On Tuesday night we went rock pooling at the front of the centre. We found all kinds of interesting wildlife such as starfish, crabs and limpets. We also learned about the work that is being done by COAST to protect the sea life around the Isle of Arran.

Today the children all got to experience the climbing wall and also got to go gorge walking. The green group were split in half so the boys joined the red group and the girls the blue. Everyone tried their best on the climbing wall and most of us got to the top. We all had an amazing time gorge walking. We got the chance to walk up waterfalls, swim in the river, slide down rock slides into deep pools and also make a 7ft jump into the water. It was amazing!

Here is what the children liked about the last couple of days.

Green Team

Katie: I felt very brave when I jumped off the 7ft drop into a pool of freezing cold water. I was proud but a bit cold.

Nicola: I loved the gorge walking. It was freezing cold to start with but got warmer after that. I got to slide down the rocks into the water. I was really happy!

Sam: I really enjoyed climbing the rocks using my knees, hands and feet. I jumped 7ft into a pool of water. It was exhilarating.

Viviann: I loved the gorge walking. It was tricky because the rocks were slippy. I slid down the rocks and jumped into the water. I felt excited and happy.

Ethan: I really enjoyed the gorge walking even though I got really wet and fell five times. I loved sliding down the waterfall. I felt proud.

Kayleigh: I felt really proud today because I slid down a waterfall and jumped 7ft into a pool of freezing cold water.

Sophie: Yesterday we climbed a mountain and reached the top. I jumped on the stepping stones and slipped into the water. I felt soggy and heavy./ I kept laughing because everyone else tried it and ended up just as wet!

David: I enjoyed my climb to Coire Fhionn Lochan. I couldn’t believe that I could climb so high and make my way back down. I felt very proud that I managed it.

Jasmine: Today we went climbing and I managed to climb to the top of the climbing wall. I felt nervous when I had to belay for Nicola because I had to make sure she didn’t fall. I felt glad I didn’t drop my friend.

Rhys: I really enjoyed gorge walking because I got to swim in deep water and jump from 7ft. I felt excited when I jumped. My tooth fell out yesterday and I cannot find it.

Declan: I really enjoyed gorge walking and learned how to swim. I felt really excited and brave.


Blue Team

Devon: I had great fun on the climbing wall and enjoyed seeing the King’s Cave.

Taylor: I loved the gorge walking especially the slide and jumping in the water.

Lucy: I enjoyed the walk down the beach because I found a starfish.

Kai: I loved the gorge walk because I jumped off the cliff into the water and went down the rock slide.

Connor: I enjoyed the gorge walk because I got to jump 7ft into a pool of water.

Mark: I thought the gorge walking was amazing because I got to slide down rocks and jump into deep pools.

Mia: I loved the gorge walk because I was able to jump into a pool and go down an amazing rock slide.

Bethany: I loved the beach walk and the climbing wall. I also loved the gorge walk too.

Mariana: I really enjoyed the gorge walk. It was really fun!

Jamilia: I loved the gorge walk best. I liked sliding and jumping into the pool. I can swim now!


Red Team

Tiegan: I really enjoyed the gorge walking. It was fun swimming and jumping in the clod water.

Ben: I really liked gorge walking. It was amazing! I loved the jump of the 7ft cliff into the deep pool.

Lee: The gorge walking was phenomenal! I loved the rock slide and swimming in the river!

Victoria: I slid down the slide really fast at the gorge walk and I was pleased with myself for doing the 7ft jump into the deep pool.

Antony: Swimming in the river at the gorge walk was really good. Some of the pools we went in were really deep!

Aedan: I fell in the mud on my way to the gorge walk but fortunately I was able to wash it all off in the river when we were gorge walking.

Aadil: The gorge walking was fantastic, I have not had that much fun in ages!

Chloe: I loved the rock pooling last night as I found my first ever starfish which made me really happy.

Nicole: The gorge walking was great and I was really proud of myself for trying the slide.


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Hayocks PS

All the children were excited about their first day at the Arran Outdoor Centre and it did not disappoint. After the children arrived at the centre, they were given a tour and issued with their equipment. We then made up lunch and headed off on our introductory walk. The walk gave us a chance to find out a bit more about the island and also gave us the opportunity to do some map reading too. Although some of the walk was steep we all managed to finish them. After dinner we did some orienteering around the centre. We did what is called a star event and had twenty controls to find using the maps. It was great fun although we were out of breath by the end. Here is what we all enjoyed about our first day.
Red Team
Nicole – I was really happy I managed to make it round the whole walk as some parts were really steep.
Aedan – It was funny when I feel down the hill after we had been up at Dun Fionn.
Haleigh – I enjoyed learning about where everything is in the centre. It is really nice here.
Aadil – I enjoyed walking through the trees on my walk. There were some beautiful views.
Ben – I was really pleased with myself for getting to the top of Dun Fionn.
Chloe – I enjoyed finding out where everything is. The centre is really nice.
Antony – We got to go inside a WW2 watch tower which was really cool.
Tiegan – We found out what a Trig Point is and how they are used to measure the height of hills.
Victoria – We found out that during WW2 a net was put at Lamlash Bay to stop German U-Boats coming in.
Lee – I climbed a hill that was 164m above sea level so I am really chuffed with myself.

Blue Team
Mia- I liked finding out about the Vikings and climbing the rocks.
Lucy – I liked climbing on the rocks and orienteering the best.
Mariana – I really enjoyed the orienteering and the walk along the beach.
Jamilia – I loved the walk and hearing about the Holy Isle.
Bethany – I loved climbing across the big rocks and walking by the sea.
Mark – I LIKED CLIMBING THE ROCKS AND Dave held a limpet on my hand which was cool.
Devon – I liked hearing about the submarine nets used during WW2.
Connor – I enjoyed the walk along the beach and looking at the limpets.
Kai – I loved looking at the jellyfish and walking along the rocks.
Taylor – I loved the beach walk and climbing along the rocks.

Green Team
Kayleigh – I liked finding out about the rocks and stones on the beach and how they were made.
Sophie – I enjoyed learning about the sea creatures and how sea water makes them spiky to catch food.
Nicola – I liked climbing up the rocks because I didn’t fall and it’s something I don’t normally do.
Katie – I liked climbing on the rocks that were surrounded by water. It was fun to jump!
David – I enjoyed climbing up the narrow paths because there were rocks and overgrowth. I didn’t fall which was a bonus!
Rhys – I enjoyed learning about the history of Arran and the Holy Isle.
Jasmine – I enjoyed the beach walk, I learned about the different types of rocks and how they are made.
Declan – I enjoyed climbing on the rocks and jumping from rock to rock. I made sure I didn’t fall.
Viviann – I enjoyed looking at all of the rocks and learning about how they were formed.
Ethan – I enjoyed jumping from rock to rock. It was interesting to learn about the different types and how they were formed.
Sam – I enjoyed learning about all of the places in Arran and some of it’s history. I stood in an old Viking fort.

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Beith Primary Week 2

Tuesday, Day 2

Hi everyone

Today we went on the water kayaking. It was fun. I kept on capsizing. Rachel Lawson

We were in a sailing both. We were in control ourselves and we nearly tipped over. It was so scary! Bradley Davies

While kayaking and sailing we saw a seal and lots of ducks. Craig Wilson

First of all we had a room inspection. Then breakfast. Later we went sailing. It was fabby. Rebekah HigginS

We went out to sea and had to wear wetsuits. Charli Sneddon

Today we went sailing. For dinner I had pasta and for dessert we had cake and it was delicious. Robert Shepherd

On the boat we played tig with a tennis ball. Innes Hutton

We went out on a sailing boat called Pico 6. We had to wear a wet suit and a bouyancy jacket. Emily Harper

My group is Blue and I am in Snowdon Robert McCay

I think after we write this we are going orienteering.




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Beith Primary Week 1

Beith Primary week 1

It has been amazing! We have been kayaking, sailing on rafts and did a river gorge today. The weather is wonderful but a bit hot at times. We are putting on loads of sun cream and drinking plenty of water.

The food is delicious, we get to make our own packed lunches and there is a great choice. The rooms are so lovely and we are all having a wonderful time with our friends.

“I feel more confident.” Beth H

“We can not wait to find out what we are doing each day” Eilidh

“Our best experience was jumping off rocks into a gorge” Joshua



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