Red group – Day 3

Today we went rock climbing and some of us could make it to the top.  We also loved abseiling down as well as doing dramatic falls!  It started to rain but luckily it was only spitting so it shortly went away.

Later that day we went down to the beach to see seals.  We saw lots of seals and also learned the difference between a common seal and a grey seal which are located at Lamlash Bay.

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Blue team – Day 3

It took us thirty minutes in the mini van to get to the river.  Then we got in the river and climbed up carefully but it was slippy so everyone fell over.  Then we went to a 10 foot jump and everyone jumped off, even Mrs Crozier!

When we came back, we went sailing and the boys went in one boat and the girls went in the other.  Then we all got a shot of steering and we all got soaked! Then we just sailed about for a while and went back to the centre.

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Green group – Day 3

Today we all went sailing and we all learned how to steer a boat.  We also learned how to tack a boat.  We made songs about the boat “Wobbly Bob”.  Also we saw a fish farm and Haydn threw a sponge into the sea after Andy the instructor threw one at our boat!

Later on that day we went bush bashing and it was challenging but we all made it.  We also saw a shooting range in the forest. When we were coming back, we saw seals on the rocks.  We all had a good day!

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Green Group: Day 2

This morning, we went Gorge Walking which was really challenging but very enjoyable. After a packed lunch back at the centre, we tried to go out sailing.  Unfortunately, it was too windy so we had to “abandon ship” and do the climbing wall instead.

Joseph – I was happy when I got up the climbing wall really quickly and learned a new skill.

Thomas – I was excited when I jumped off a ledge into a pool when we were Gorge Walking.  It was fun!

Brogan – I was excited today today when we were Gorge Walking.  I liked it when we were jumping into the deep parts.

John Paul – I was happy when I went down the water slide when we were Gorge Walking.

Cara – I enjoyed it when I went on the boat called “Wobbly Bob” but we had to cancel sailing as it was too windy.

Courtney – It was amazing when I went up the climbing wall.  I was really close to the top!

Arran – This evening I enjoyed doing orienteering with Nathan and John.  It was really fun!

Haydn – We did orienteering tonight and I was with Stuart.  We got quite a good time!

Elle – I enjoyed it when Brogan and I made up a song about “Wobbly Bob” the boat.  It was funny when all the waves splashed us.

Tierney – It was really exciting for me when I was doing the climbing wall because it was my first time!

Georgia – I was proud of myself when I was on the climbing wall! I loved doing the Gorge Walking too!

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Day 2 – Blue Group

Today the blue group faced a huge challenge. We were given the task of being the first group to climb Goat Fell! Daz was the instructor charged with leading us up the mountain. On the way up he told us so many interesting things that we didn’t know. We have since christened him ‘Dazzling Daz’. Here are some comments about how the children felt about their experiences.

Demileigh – It was hard but it was fun.

Katie – It was really hard and my legs were sore but I enjoyed it.

Chloe McG – Although I was tired I got there in the end.

Abbie – It was difficult but exciting to get to the top.

Bradley – I enjoyed learning to recognise wood sorrel and I even got to taste it!

Levi – It was challenging but I was very proud of myself.

John – I felt proud and I enjoyed dooking my head in the lovely mountain stream on the way down.

Leon – It was good because I learned lots of new things on the way up.

Brandon – I liked it when we reached the summit and we could see the view.

Just to finish, John had a fantastic birthday and was surprised by an amazing birthday cake made in the kitchen by our fabulous cooks!!

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St Mark’s Primary

Day 2

This morning the red group took Wobbly Bob the motor boat out to meet the yachts The Polaris and The Calypso. We sailed around Lamlash Bay and even landed on The Holy Isle.  We all had a turn steering the yacht and we were splashed by some big waves!  This afternoon we went gorge walking. Vanessa liked jumping off the cliff into a deep pool of water. Leyla enjoyed sliding down the waterfall and Ellie loved climbing on the rocks. Brendon felt as though he was swimming like a squid in the deep water.  Stuart loved sliding on the rocks. We all really struggled getting our wet suits on and had a good laugh! Nathan enjoyed the challenge of climbing up the slippery waterfalls. A great day was had by all!

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St Mark’s Primary


Group 3 – Blue Team

Leon, Bradley, John, Levi, Brandon, Olivia, Abbie, Katie, Demileigh, Chloe McG, Mrs Crozier and Miss Doyle.

We climbed a 160m high hill during our introductory coastal walk.  We were all quite excited being right up at the top! The view was amazing.  After that we came back and had a very tasty dinner. We had a talk from a member of the COAST team who was able to give us lots of interesting facts about marine wildlife. Later on we went rock pooling and found many big crabs and other examples of sealife. COAST stands for Community of Arran Seabed Trust.

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